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We provide full IT care for companies.

Focus on work, and leave technical issues to us.

IT Services
IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing

Broadly defined, IT outsourcing is entrusting the care of the IT system to a company specializing in such activities.

Thanks to the constant improvement of our qualifications and cooperation with many leading companies in the IT industry, we provide clients with access to proven solutions in all areas of IT. By deciding to cooperate with us, they’re guaranteed access to technology, innovation and knowledge, as well as constant supervision over the IT system.

Additional benefits
of IT outsourcing:

  • Continuous IT service
  • Access to proven solutions
  • Simple method of having a better control over a company
  • Lowering the costs of running a business
IT care

IT care

Our offer is based on service contracts, thanks to which IT system’s users have clearly defined service costs and do not have to think about the price of maintaining the continuity of their IT system.

The benefits of signing a service contract include access to IT assistance customised for the client's needs, a precisely defined response time for the IT specialist to take up the client's request and the provision of services by IT specialists who have several years of experience in the IT industry.

Additional benefits of signing
a service contract with us:

  • Supervision of all computers in the client's company
  • Conducting an IT system security policy
  • Control and supervision over the IT system
Computer service

Computer service

Our IT outsourcing service is complemented by the repair of client's computers. Our experience and specially adapted facilities have allowed us to successfully repair all PCs for almost fifteen years. Our qualified IT specialists also repair computers at clients' premises.

In addition, backups are always made during the repair of the equipment, because we know that the customer's data is extremely important. Thanks to this, clients can be sure that their data will be safely kept.

The services include:

  • Repair of computer hardware
  • Maintenance and technical inspections
  • Virus removal on computers
  • Reinstallation of systems
  • Repairs of printers
About Us

We have been forming IT departments in companies for almost 30 years and we continuingly improve work of our clients

In 1993, a company of two was established in a small shop in Warsaw's Praga district. Now, under the name of Mercury Computer Business Solutions, we present a team of people who are completely dedicated to what they do. People who are young at heart, enthusiastic to work, friends with each other, and at the same time experienced in what they do.

Along with the development of computer networks, the needs of group work among our clients appeared. We started to focus more attention on server solutions, and additionally we are developing our business in the field of IT networks.

We treat each client with the same care and attention to work comfort. We make sure that our clients can focus on their business, while we take over the responsibilities for the technical side of it.


In recent years, business has accelerated significantly. The remote work model enters our reality more and more broadly. Our clients are looking for flexible, secure and easily scalable solutions to keep up with changes. They don't have to worry about it, because they have US!

More and more often, we implement cloud solutions for our clients that allow us to store data from IT systems on servers of external suppliers. This solution guarantees high availability of systems from any workplace and a high level of security. In addition, in this case, we don’t have to worry about the costs of their updates or guarantees, which are often excessively high - especially in the case of small enterprises. Additionaly, we provide clients with the so-called hybrid environments, combining the resources of local IT systems with resources on external servers. It is often the finest solution thanks to which the customer gains flexibility, security, high availability and a solution scaled to his budget.

One of the most frequently implemented cloud services is Microsoft Office 365. Depending on the purchased subscriptions, users have access to Exchange e-mail services, OneDrive disk space, Office program packages. BI analytics services and application development using Power Apps are also available.


In our spare time, we work on articles that would support our clients (and not only them) in basic computer problems and present interesting facts from the IT world.

Be patient – when we’re ready, we'll post a link to our blog here

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